Dimensional Weight Price: When Size Does Matter

What is DWP?

Shipping costs have historically been calculated on the basis of gross weight in kilograms. The concept of Dimensional Weight Price (DWP) has been adopted by the transportation industry worldwide as a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies.Contact us Today

With DWP, the shipping cost is calculated considering the volume of the package and not its weight.

This change, that may seem small, will have major implications in the way companies operating across Europe pack and ship their goods.

How does it affects my packaging operation?

If you want to ensure that the the upcoming  DWP changes do not affect your bottom line, you have to start by rethinking the size of your package.

A box redesign could have a positive impact on space and associated costs of space.​

Also a smaller box will mean you might need less filling material and this will have an impact in the total cost of your packaging. Whilst assessing your box and carton sizes, also take a look at your corrugated board quality.

For more information on how DWP can affect your packaging operation across boarders and how to be prepared for this change, contact today our European Account Team.

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