How to choose the perfect box

With a wide selection of cardboard boxes, NovuPak has the right packaging  solution for your European operation.

As a Pan-European packaging distributor we are able to offeI want to know morer a wide range of corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons, ideal for shipping and storage.

Whether your are looking for standard boxes delivered from stock or a custom solution that will allow harmonize your packaging across Europe, NovuPak is ideally positioned to deliver the perfect protective packaging for your goods.

When choosing your box you will need to make sure it fits the following criteria:


Protect high value and fragile goods is a must when exporting your products. The ideal export packaging has to be resistant and fully seal your product from the effects of water and air.

Handling, storage and transportation


When selecting your box  the handling, storage and transportation conditions, are as important as the protection requirements. It must be easy and safe to handle and have the right dimensions.


The right box should help you reduce your packaging costs. Reducing its size and weight  is a perfect way to reduce the shipping costs of your operation,without compromising your product protection.

If you want further information on our boxes, contact our European Account Management team today to discuss your needs and develop a proposition.

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