Eco-friendly packaging across Europe

As a full line Pan-European supplier, with a wide range of eco  friendly packaging, NovuPak is committed to assisting our customers to use sustainable resources and reduce CO2 emissions wherever possible.

We are constantly striving to improve our techniques, technologies and processes to create and deliver more environmentally efficient packaging products and packaging solutions and to develop innovative packaging concepts and services.

Eco Friendly Packaging 1As part of many continuous improvement projects, NovuPak works closely with their customers and suppliers to provide more environmentally friendly packaging products using sustainable material wherever practical.

It’s important to remember that any opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of packaging should not undermine its primary purpose: ensuring that the product is completely protected and delivered in most efficient way throughout the entire logistics chain.

So what do you need to consider when balancing the use of sustainable products whilst ensuring they are 100% fit for purpose?

Here is a brief guide to some of the eco-friendly options for the most widely used packaging materials.

Corrugated cartons and cases

The key factor here is material content. There may be scope for reducing the weight of over-specified board. For instance, a strengthened single wall board might replace a double wall material. Different flute options may give you a lighter case without affecting its performance.

It’s also worth reviewing the case dimensions and style. A small adjustment may result in more efficient pallet loading, minimising the transport and storage requirements and increase the amount of products that be delivered per delivery.

Stretch film

There is a range of possible options worth considering — can a lower weight of film be used? Does pre-stretched film mean you can reduce wastage? Is there unnecessary overlapping of your pallet wrap, and would an automatic wrapping system enable you to achieve a consistent overlap level?

Protective products

Bubble wrap is widely used throughout the industry and can be reused quite extensively. Product developments in Sealed Air’s Barrier-sealed Bubble Wrap products have resulted in more efficient storage and transport and contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

For some applications, large bubbles are more eco-friendly than small. A single layer of large bubble, for instance, can replace three layers of small. When surface protection is required, foam cushioning can provide an alternative to small bubble, with less material content and reduced volume in storage and transit.

Other Materials

Sealing tapes, strapping and polythene film all offer some scope for reducing the environmental impact, with a range of materials, gauges and adhesive formulations to choose.Eco Friendly Packaging 2If you are interested in implementing more sustainable packaging solutions across Europe while increasing the efficiency of your Pan European packaging operations, feel free to contact us, and we are committed to help you to find and implement the right blend of performance, value for money and sustainability across your European operations.

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