More Packs per pallet

One of the key factors in reducing transport costs is to make the most of your pallet space. Get this right and you’ll reduce your logistics costs, whether you’re shipping a single pallet or a truck-load.

Fitting more packs per pallet is a very good strategy to reduce storage and transport costs.

Here’s a simple check-list to help you ship more products per pallet:

  • Check your existing cases, bearing in mind the physical dimensions, weight and pack quantity.
  • Pinch a few millimetres wherever possible to make best use of the pallet deck area.
  • Check the available height within the delivery truck or shipping container. Are you paying for unused space?
  • Savings from double pallet loads, or even an extra layer per pallet will more than offset the cost of a stronger case which can be stacked higher.
  • Don’t forget that sometimes the pack contents can help take the weight.
  • Check that height restrictions allow for higher or double pallet loads.

Here’s an actual example of better pallet utilisation in action:

pallets-packs-261x300-1-261x300Existing case size: 320 x 195 x 290mm

Reduced to: 318 x 183 x 284mm

This increased the number of cases per layer from 18 to 19 and the number of products from 1,080 to 1,140 per pallet, reducing the number of pallets used by over 7%.

This small change in size reduced storage and logistics costs for our customer in a dramatic way!


Contact our packaging experts today and find out how we can help your company reduce logisitcs costs across Europe.


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