How to use stretch film

NovuPak offers standard and tailored packaging products that suit your business needs. Next to a large selection of standard products delivered from stock, NovuPak can develop custom made packaging for various industries. In this section you can find some helpful tips on how to make the most of our packaging products.

NovuPak offers an extensive stretch film range, in which you’ll find a great variety of stretch films and dispensers to suit your specific industry sector application. I want to know more Strecht FilmOur product range includes:

  • Hand Stretch Film
  • Mini Stretch Film
  • Stretch Film Dispensers
  • Stretch Wrapping Machines

In this guide we will focus on the advantages and various uses of hand stretch film.

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Reduce Damages and Returns

As a pan-European packaging distributor, NovuPak understands that damaged products, returns and inappropriate packaging not only results in increased costs, but it is also a source of customer dissatisfaction.I want know more Fragile

​The right  packaging solution must  protect products throughout the logistics chain, while minimising costs and environmental impact.

Our expertise, available locally and at an European level, together with our range of products means that we can find the ideal and most cost-efficient packaging for your company.
Read further to find out how to reduce your damages and returns.

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More Packs per pallet

One of the key factors in reducing transport costs is to make the most of your pallet space. Get this right and you’ll reduce your logistics costs, whether you’re shipping a single pallet or a truck-load.

Fitting more packs per pallet is a very good strategy to reduce storage and transport costs.

Here’s a simple check-list to help you ship more products per pallet:

  • Check your existing cases, bearing in mind the physical dimensions, weight and pack quantity.
  • Pinch a few millimetres wherever possible to make best use of the pallet deck area.
  • Check the available height within the delivery truck or shipping container. Are you paying for unused space?
  • Savings from double pallet loads, or even an extra layer per pallet will more than offset the cost of a stronger case which can be stacked higher.
  • Don’t forget that sometimes the pack contents can help take the weight.
  • Check that height restrictions allow for higher or double pallet loads.

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How to choose the perfect box

With a wide selection of cardboard boxes, NovuPak has the right packaging  solution for your European operation.

As a Pan-European packaging distributor we are able to offeI want to know morer a wide range of corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons, ideal for shipping and storage.

Whether your are looking for standard boxes delivered from stock or a custom solution that will allow harmonize your packaging across Europe, NovuPak is ideally positioned to deliver the perfect protective packaging for your goods.

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